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Atlanta, Georgia Center for Dental Implants

For nearly two decades, Dr. has been providing the highest level of restorative options to patients.  Dr. is a general dentist with specialized training and years of experience in dental implants: implants for dentures, same day dental implants, and all-on-4 or all-on-6 dental implants.

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Why dental implants?  Tooth loss has many serious consequences.  Natural teeth are securely held in place by their roots in the jawbone.  Disease, decay, or trauma may lead to the loss of one or more or all of your teeth. The roots had previously stimulated the surrounding bone, maintaining the jaw's natural shape.  Immediately after tooth loss, the destruction of the jaw bone starts.  However, with no roots in place, the jawbone will begin to reabsorb or shrink, because it no longer serves the purpose that nature intended.

Many years of bone loss may cause your face to change: your mouth and jaw appear to collapse, your lips look thinner, and there is an increase in wrinkles near the mouth and neck.  Most important, over time the ridge of the jawbone becomes much thinner, limiting the options and possibilities of tooth replacement.  The remaining teeth no longer have the support that the lost teeth and bone provided.  With no support, the teeth begin to drift and erupt toward the open areas.  The overload can move and weaken those teeth, possibly leading to additional tooth loss.  To help prevent the possible consequences, consider a solution that most closely resembles the qualities of your natural teeth.  In order to avoid these consequences, there are various implant treatments available that closely resemble the characteristics of natural teeth and virtually stop bone loss.


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Atlanta Georgia Center for Dental Implants

Serving the Greater Metro Atlanta, Georgia Area

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