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If you have lost a single tooth, you have various tooth replacement options to consider.  One option would be a single tooth partial denture.  A major consequence of this option is the bone loss that occurs due to the absence of the natural tooth root.  Biting forces will cause the partial to move and shift because its design lacks a secure connection.  Many partial denture wearers may also experience discomfort and gum irritation.

In a second opinion known as a resin bonded bridge, a high-speed drill is used to cut into the back of the neighboring teeth.  The prosthesis is then attached to the back of neighboring teeth.  The prosthesis is then attached to the back of your natural teeth.  

With the absence of the natural tooth root, the bone above the crown begins to shrink.  Everyday biting forces will also begin to apply opposing pressures that will loose the bond over time. 

The third option is referred to as a fixed bridge.  A high-speed drill shaves down a significant amount of the neighboring teeth's natural structure.  This prepares the teeth for the fitting of a fabricated 3-unit bridge that is cemented in place.        

However, bone loss soon follows and plaque buildup is common below the margins of the crowns. 

The neighboring teeth lack adequate tooth structure, which makes them weaker and more susceptible to tooth decay.  Tooth decay leads to root canals and a root canal can eventually cause additional tooth loss. 

The bridge can be repaired by the preparation of an additional tooth, and the cementing of a 4-unit bridge. 

Additional bone loss occurs, and there are still consequences of additional tooth decay and root canal disease that may lead to another failed bridge. 

The fourth option replaces the natural tooth root with a dental implant that is inserted into the bone. 

An abutment is secured to the implant and a crown is secured to the abutment.  The dental implant option closely mimics the design and function of your natural tooth.  The dental implant is the most secure option with a solid foundation of bone that keeps it stable, withstanding the forces of biting and chewing.  An implant feels and functions like a natural tooth. 


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